Free Luff's Maps and Charts Page

This page will get you on your way to visualizing your days and nights in this tropical paradise. Although you will still need the appropriate navigation charts (we recommend Caribbean Yachting Charts "St. Thomas to Sombrero" available through Bluewater and other distributors, see links below), These chartlets and composed aerial photos will help you plan your itinerary and get the adventurous juices flowing. Click on any link for a pop-up window with the chart, map or image:

CYOA to Buck Island and Great St. James - First Day?


North Shore of St. John - Second Day?


Get the Navigational Charts from Bluewater


So how fast does she go? Here's a Polar Chart that shows speed on different points of sail.


Here's a VERY brief synopsis of our first real trip just kickin in the Virgins. Take a look and dream up your own...


Here are some photos and highlights of the November 2003 trip with Randy's parents and some good friends. What a blast!

Read about our April trip with the kids and see a bunch of photos here: Kids On Boats!

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